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Invest in your career...

Don't let a poorly written resume define you! 

Things intelligent people shouldn't say are written in resumes every day.  Common sense should rule when creating a one-page profile.  The resume is the Golden Ticket; let it lead your way.

Get hired, partner with a professional coach.   Nancy is an award-winning writer with a global reach.  For the past 30 years she has critiqued thousands of resumes produced by cookie-cutter methods and "experts" in the field.  The consistent problem is they read like everyone else's resume vying for the same position.

Job hunting means managing your career.   Whether you are seeking your first opportunity, an advancement, a company change or a new challenge, your resume has to provide the necessary skills to grab the employer/recruiter's attention. 

Resume how-to book.  Each chapter is a fast read, filled with examples to kickstart your thinking.  Detailed inside are the Seven Resume Elements critical to making a lasting impression.  Benefit from step-by-step writing techniques to compose each element.

Get it right the first time, click the Buy Now button and change your future.


Location:  Pacific Northwest

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                   Kirkland, WA


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