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Heading 6
When your employment search is headed nowhere, your resume is usually the cause.

Perhaps it won't pass a company's Applicant Tracking System, or it might be missing the mark entirely with content that is unforgivingly too long and irrelevant.  If you are in need of a resume critique, all questions and concerns are welcomed.  

Award-winning resume writer with a global reach.  As a professional writer/coach with 30 years of one-on-one consultations and group seminars, my expertise is turning job-related problems into qualifying and winning resumes.  I've reviewed and prepared thousands of personalized resumes for every possible employment sector.


Whether you are a student searching for that first job, a professional who is looking for a career change, or someone who has been out of the workforce, my new book will eliminate writer's block and help you take control of your life.


  • How to develop a simple, one-page profile.

  • Why job searching is a number one priority.

  • How to mine for Power Words that narrow the playing field.

  • Ways to bring current and past achievements upfront for greater impact.

  • The truth about the cover letter and much more.


Include the 7 essential elements in your writing and let your resume bring you new opportunities.  Good People with Really Bad Resumes is filled with examples of what not to say and why.  Stop procrastinating, move your career forward today and provide the employer/recruiter with a resume worth reading.

7 Resume Elements

element #1:  Contact Information

element #2:  Objective

element #3:  Mission/Goal

element #4:  Power Phrases

element #5:  Education/Specialty Areas

element #6:  Work History

element #7: Testimonials



This is amazing.  I can see the difference from what I originally sent you.  Now I finally understand what you meant when you said, "don't send them a job description".  I am definitely ready and extremely excited about my job search.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  You are amazing!!!  Steve C. - President of Sales and Marketing

Location: Pacific Northwest
Phone:  425-503-2100
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