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Invest in your career....start writing your winning resume.

Good People with Really Bad Resumes is not your average resume writing guide.  You will create a presentation focused on a personalized message.  

Partner with a professional writer and accomplish your goal with minimal cost and no stress.  For the past 30 years this author has critiqued resumes produced by cookie-cutter methods and "experts" in the field.  The consistent problem is they read like everyone else's vying for the same position.

Job hunting means getting noticed, you should be interviewing; but no one is calling. If you are hoping for a new position or that next major opportunity, your resume has to be crafted for any economy and job market.  It could be offensively too long, getting rejected by the robotic scans, or lacks passion for the job role.

Creative writing 101.  Don't fixate on employment gaps, layoffs, reasons for leaving, or circumstances beyond your control.  Overcome job-related problems by turning them into qualifying statements.

Resume how-to books have been missing the mark. Become an expert on managing your career.  Polish your interviewing skills and be prepared for the conference call and group questionings.  From start to finish Good People with Really Bad Resumes will walk you through the writing process step-by-step.

Create a resume worth reading, eliminate writer's block or predetermined concepts and master the art of resume writing with 7 simple steps.   Sharing writing solutions sets Good People with Really Bad Resumes apart.  It is a fun read filled with everyday examples of what not to say and why. 


Grab it today..... your potential is greater than you image.

Location:  Pacific Northwest

                  Woodinville, WA


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