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Below are a few examples of common resume writing mistakes and how to avoid them.


Search words that lead nowhere:  The concept of placing nonspecific searchable terms into the resume too often backfires.  The right words are essential for getting noticed.  Common search words leave employers/recruiters cold.  Using words such as "customer service" or "skilled communicator" may seem necessary, but they apply to every job imaginable.


Employer's want more:


Everyone knows that a sales representative secures new deals.

A production lead is in charge of day-to-day production.

Wait staff are assigned tables and serve customers.

These sentences are dubbed "fluff without substance," also known as predictable content.  ME-factor instead.  Take a simple statement, "established policies," and replace it with a results-oriented sentence.

*Implemented monthly "lunch box coaching sessions" that renewed service levels.

*Adjusted hours of operation from 8:00 AM to 6:00 AM; early opening increased tool rentals by 35%.

Frequent errors:

* Please do not address yourself in the third person or use the word "I".

* Promise you will never provide reasons for leaving any job.

* Do not put salary history on the resume; no pictures of yourself either.

* If you wrote "same as above" for work history, you need this book.


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