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7 Resume Elements

#1:  Contact Information

#2:  Objective

#3:  Mission/Goal

#4:  Power Phrases

#5:  Education/Specialty Areas

#6:  Work History

#7: Testimonials


Chapter Examples:

* What's Wrong with My Resume

* Finding the Objective

Job Searching the Web

How to Express Achievements

Education, Not Just a School Listing

Resume Examples

Interview Questions and more ....

ABOUT THE AUTHOR.  Nancy is an award-winning resume writer with a global reach.  Throughout her career, she has provided one-on-one consultations and group seminars and prepared thousands of personalized resumes for every possible employment sector.  Her book will help drive opportunities your way.


Things intelligent people shouldn't say are written in resumes every day.  

Best intentions are not good enough when it comes to job searching.  The new resume is flexible, brief, and informative.  It provides the employer/recruiter with a quick read and quality prospect.  Good People with Really Bad Resumes is filled with examples of what not to say and why.  

Your resume is your Golden Ticket, let it lead the way.  Discover:

  • How to develop a simple, one-page personalized profile.

  • Why job searching before writing is a #1 priority.

  • How to mine for Power Words that narrow the playing field.

  • Ways to bring current and past achievements upfront for impact.

  • The truth about the cover letter and much more.


Stop Procrastinating, move your career forward by providing the employer/recruiter with a resume worth reading.

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