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Best intentions are not good enough when it comes to job searching.  The new resume is flexible, brief, and informative.


  • How to develop a simple, one-page personalized profile.

  • Why job searching before writing is a #1 priority.

  • How to mine for Power Words that narrow the playing field.

  • Ways to bring current and past achievements upfront for impact.

  • The truth about the cover letter and much more.


Stop Procrastinating, move your career forward by providing the employer/recruiter with a resume worth reading.

7 Resume Elements


#1:  Contact Information

#2:  Objective

#3:  Mission/Goal

#4:  Power Phrases

#5:  Education/Specialty Areas

#6:  Work History

#7: Testimonials


Chapter Examples:

* What's Wrong with My Resume

* Finding the Objective

Job Searching the Web

How to Express Achievements

Education, Not Just a School Listing

Resume Examples

Interview Questions and more ....

Work Meeting
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